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18.03. - 17:00,
Trakia - Burgas

Director:  Boris Despodov , Andrey Paounov
Cinematography:  Nikolay Lazarov
Screenplay:  Andrey Paounov
Artist:  Alexander Smolyanov , Boris Despodov
Cast:  Josif Surchagiev , Ilka Zaphirova , Zlatina Todeva , Gergana Gikelova
Three Sisters and Andrey

Three Sisters and Andrey
Bulgaria-Germany , 2009, 14 min, color

Time has passed, but nothing has changed in the home of Prozorovs. Andrey takes care of his sisters as usually. With the help of a number of innovative technical devices he succeeds in maintaining their physical and psychic health. Everything is about to change when a mosquito appears in the November sky

Boris Despodov
2002  Mythology animation short
2004  Tick-Tack animation short
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2008  Corridor #8 docu
Andrey Paounov
Bulgarian director, born in 1974 in Sofia. He graduated in film and TV direction at NATFA in 2000. Author of short stories, poetry and short films. His debut in feature-length cinema Georgi and the Butterflies has won numerous international awards, among which Silver Wolf from IDFA.
1995  A Short Film About Yuri Gagarin
1998  On the Way to Tuvalu short
2001  Lucy Tsak Tsak short
2004  Georgi and the Butterflies
2007  The Mosquito Problem and Other Stories
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