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15.03. - 10:00,
Cinema House

15.03. - 20:00,
National Palace of Culture Hall 1

Director:  Wim Wenders
Screenplay:  Norman Ohler , Wim Wenders
Producer:  Gian-Piero Ringel , Wim Wenders
Music:  Irmin Schmidt
Cast:  Campino , Giovanna Mezzogiorno , Dennis Hopper , Milla Jovovich , Lou Reed
Production:  HanWay Films/Neue Road Movies
BG distribution:  ART Fest Ltd.
Closing Gala
Palermo Shooting
Palermo Shooting
Palermo Shooting
Palermo Shooting
United Kingdom-Germany , 2008, 107 min, color
Awards:  Cannes 2008 - "Competition"

From acclaimed director Wim Wenders comes the story of Finn, an internationally renowned photographer whose pictures appear in museums and magazines all over the world. His lifestyle is exuberant he is a rock star of the art world. But Finn knows that something is missing from his life. On a photoshoot in Palermo, Finn experiences a surreal journey through hell as his life merges with his art and he ends up in the gutter. Then an angel enters his life in the person of Flavia, a mysterious and beautiful woman. Flavia saves Finns life and helps him to confront every artists ultimate enemy Death himself.

Wim Wenders
German director, born in Dusseldorf in 1945. He studied at the Munich Academy for Television and Film. Before that he studied medicine and philosophy in Germany, as well as art in Paris. He has also written film criticism. After making several movies in the mid 70s, he began to work on his cycle of "road movies". In 1982 he won the Golden Lion at Venice, with The State of Things. Two years later he won the Golden Palm for Paris, Texas.
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