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14.03. - 21:00,
Czech Center

17.03. - 13:30,
Cinema House

Director:  Claudio Noce
Adil and Yusuf
Balastiera #186
Bon Nuite
Lost World
The Portrait
Adil and Yusuf
Adil and Yusuf
Adil and Yusuf
Italy , 2007, 30 min, color

Adil and Yusuf are two brothers living in Rome. Every morning they take the train that leads to the market where they look for work.
Adil doesn't want to become a "slave", while Yusuf believes working hard is the only way to integrate in society. On the train they fight and split.
They will spend two completely different experiences that will change their lives.

Claudio Noce
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