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05.03. - 19:30,
National Palace of Culture Hall 1

06.03. - 17:00,
Euro Cinema

Director:  Georgi Djulgerov
Cinematography:  Radoslav Spassov
Screenplay:  Georgi Djulgerov
Music:  Mila Iskarova, Hristo Namliev
Editor(s):  Georgi Djulgerov
Producers:  Georgi Balkanski, Vladimir Andreev
Screenplay:  Christin Dimitrova
Cast:  Ivan Barnev , Angela Rodel , Ivan Savov , Krassimir Dokov , Lyubov Lyubcheva , Roussi Chanev
Production:  BOROUGH FILM Ltd.with the support of NFC/MEDIA Programmein co-production with BNTV/Nu Boyana Film Studios
A Farewell to Hemingway
The Goat
Opening Gala
The Goat
The Goat

The Goat
Bulgaria , 2009, 112 min, color

While searching for a buried treasure, a man and a woman from different nationalities crash their cultural prejudices against each other in a tragicomic squabble until in the end they find out that the intimacy born between them is the greatest possible treasure.

Trumpet player Jona settles at that place on the remains of his grandfathers house. In its basement he finds a stone with a bird engraved on it and a map with an inscription in Arabic: To have a house of gold, you are to fall down on the sky and discover the twin! A copy of the same map brings Rumba and Emma to the same place. The man is Bulgarian, a passionate treasure-hunter. His wife is American and studies Bulgarian folklore so as to fight against globalization. To find the treasure, Rumba wants to buy Jonas property. Jona, whose flat in town has been taken away from him by some foreigners because of debt, is afraid that the new-comers will deprive him of this property of his, too. A conflict arises between the foreign woman and the trumpet player that is strengthened by Jonas extreme nationalism. Two more persons get involved in the conflict: Anany, Jonas elderly neighbour, and the Gypsy Ivanka, the woman Jona lays with from time to time.
Emma and Jona step into the story as enemies despising each other. They go through a number of vicissitudes before, in the end, they get to feel strongly attracted to each other. The crown of their attraction is an inspired song an improvisation on Bulgarian folklore themes and American country music. They compose it together Emma sings and Jona accompanies her on the trumpet. This unexpected liaison of theirs goes on under ground and in water, on the bottom of a well
Writer Radichkov says: Man is a long sentence written with great love and inspiration but full of spelling mistakes.

Georgi Djulgerov
Bulgarian director, born in 1943 in Burgas. He graduated from the VGIK Film School in Moscow in 1970. His feature films that took part in some of the biggest film festivals in the world among which Berlin, Locarno, Rotterdam, Montreal, San Francisco and Saraevo. His film The Camp was part of the Cannes "Quinzaine des réalisateurs" program in 1990. Djulgerov has also staged theater productions and has directed several TV projects. He is a full-time professor in Film and TV Directing at the Academy for Dramatic and Film Art in Sofia, Bulgaria, and a voting member of the European Film Academy. His film Lady Zee (2005) won a number of national and international awards, including the FIPRESCI and the Best Bulgarian Feature Film Award at Sofia International Film Festival 2006. The film was also selected among the 49 films competing for the European Film Awards 2006, given by the European Film Academy. The Goat is his latest feature film.
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