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Director:  Kostadin Bonev
Cinematography:  Konstantin Zankov b.a.c., Dimitar Mitov
Music:  Nikolay Ivanov - OM
Narrator:  Eric Spitzer
Producers:  Penko Roussev, Alexander Binder
Screenplay:  Vladi Kirov
Production:  Two and a Half Film House/ ENKIDU Filmproduktion, With the support of BNFC/Austrian Film Commission/Government of Lower Austria District/ BNTV/ Jack Leman Company/EURIMAGES
Europolis: The town of the Delta
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Europolis: The town of the Delta
Europolis: The town of the Delta
Europolis: The town of the Delta
Bulgaria-Austria , 2009, 80 min, color

In 1933 Eugeniu Botez, an engineer by profession and a commandant of the harbour of Sulina, wrote a novel. He entitled it "Europolis" and signed it under the name of Jean Bart. A year later he died. In this strange novel Jean Bart prophecies that one day nothing will be left from the town, once full of life. With the death of Europolis Europe will be slowly dying in pains. A few years later his prophecy started to come true...

Snapping at the land between the many branches of the river, Sulina is the Town of the Danube Delta. The film tell the story of this city, the story of its rise and fall, of its todays citizens, as well as of the people who once lived there.

Kostadin Bonev
Bulgarian director, born in 1951 in Tryavna. He graduated from the Higher Institute of Economics in Sofia and studied theater at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1980. He specialized further in film and TV direction under the guidance of Georgi Diulgerov at the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts in 1990. His film Letters to the Underworld won two prizes in Varna and a prize for the best film in St. Petersburg in 1995. The critics gave special awards to Under a Cloud and The Patience of a Stone at the Festival Golden Rhyton in Plovdiv. The latter film was awarded the "Silver Vityaz" in Kiev.
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