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06.03. - 20:30,
Cinema House

16.03. - 20:30,
French Cultural Institute

Director:  Siegfried
Producer:  Siegfried
Animation:  Zoltan Kurucz, Zsofia Kanalas, Peter Faul, Kornel Kispal
Music:  Siegfried
Screenplay:  Siegfried
Drawings:  Aglika Terzieva
Paintings:  Almagul Menlibayeva
Production:  Vagabondages
International distribution:  Films Distribution
Kinogamma Part 1: East
Kinogamma Part 2: Far East
Louise (Take 2)
France , 2007, 22 min, color

This fairy-tale animation is created by one of the most interesting young European authors, Siegfried. While playing in the street, a musician meets charming Ada. Without so much as saying a word to each other, they feel there is a connection between them. When fate makes their paths cross again, they embark on a fairy-tale journey.

French director and musician born in 1973. He scored several original soundtracks for European and Russian films. His first short film La faim (1996), was screened at Cannes Film Festival and his first feature Louise (Take 2) (1998) was screened internationally. In 2003 he shot his second feature film Sansa (2003) won the Youth Jury Award at Flanders International Film Festival and was screened in the competition of Sofia International Film Festival 2004.

1998  Louise (Take 2)
2003  Sansa
2007  Ada
2008  Kinogamma Part One: East
2008  Kinogamma Part Two: Far East
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