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15.03. - 19:00,
Czech Center

18.03. - 15:00,
Cinema House

Director:  Matthew Walker
John and Karen
Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight
Like Me Only Better
Milk Teeth
Stand up
The Black Dog's Progress
The Pearce Sisters
This Way up
Time Is Running Out
Yours Truly
John and Karen
John and Karen
John and Karen
United Kingdom , 2007, 3 min, color

Karen the penguin is not pleased to see John the polar bear on her doorstep. Their argument last night has put her in a very bad mood and John is on egg shells. John has had time to think however and has put together an apology that he hopes will appease her bad temper; he just needs an opportunity to say it out loud with Karen in ear shot. A cup of tea and a sit down would also be good. Karen reluctantly obliges.

Matthew Walker
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