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11.03. - 19:30,
Czech Center

Director:  Pavel Stingl
Cinematography:  Petr Hyks
Producer:  Pavel Stingl
Screenplay:  Pavel Stingl
Production:  K2/Czech Television
A Ghetto Named Baluty
Greetings from the Land Where Yesterday Meant Tomorrow
May They Rest in Peace
Story of Survivors from Patria
The Second Life of Lidice
What Language Does God Speak?
What Language Does God Speak?
Jakou reci mluvi pan buh?
What Language Does God Speak?
Czech Republic , 2001, 59 min, black & white, color

This documentary-portrait depicts the collective fates of the Sudeten Germans from eastern Krkonose. The life story of an eighty-year-old mountain farmer Friedrich Kneifel's family mirrors the dramatic events of the last century and changes in his hometown on the mountain slopes. Fate had sent him to the war-campaign in Stalingrad and therefore he missed the forced displacement of Sudeten Germans. While luck allowed him to survive Stalingrad, reaping hay after that loss wasnt exactly a happy ending for him.
The family chronicle of Friedrich Kneifel portrays so much of the collective profile of traditional inhabitants of Eastern Krkonose, that it would be a sin not to make a film a about it. It was a tough job for both of us, but finally I managed to open even such topics that he himself had never thought to ever say out loud.

Pavel Stingl

Pavel Stingl
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