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10.03. - 18:00,
Czech Center

Director:  Pavel Stingl
Cinematography:  Martin Kubala
Producer:  Pavel Stingl
Screenplay:  Pavel Stingl
Production:  K2
A Ghetto Named Baluty
Greetings from the Land Where Yesterday Meant Tomorrow
May They Rest in Peace
Story of Survivors from Patria
The Second Life of Lidice
What Language Does God Speak?
Greetings from the Land Where Yesterday Meant Tomorrow
Pozdrav ze zeme, kde vcera znamenalo zitra
Greetings from the Land Where Yesterday Meant Tomorrow
Czech Republic , 1993, 20 min, color

The documentary is an insight into the streets of Moscow, with its fighting and politics, before Boris Jeltsin was elected Russian president in 1993.
In 1993 internal politicking in Russia grew into confrontations which at its peak was called The Battle for the White House although the tanks were operating in Moscow, not Washington. The fighting between the party wings didnt start to happen over night. Battles had been escalating in the streets of the Russian capital for months.
At that time, I was filming a historical documentary set in the totalitarian times. The omnipresent street bustle made us turn the camera towards the present events. Afterwards we modified these materials depicting the street fights into a shape formally inspired by the Russian avant-garde of the 1920s in which the street drama was emphasized by graphically adapted subtitles. Translations of mottos and songs caught in corridors of Moscow created a dateless montage. At the moment when tanks joined the street fights and a real conflict came to Moscow, our documentary was presented at the Rome festival. We definitely won the main prize Prix Italia mainly for the foresight of its development.

Pavel Stingl

Pavel Stingl
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