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Director:  Aleksei Uchitel
Screenplay:  Vladimir Makanin , Timofey Dekin , based on a story by Vladimir Makanin
Producer:  Aleksei Uchitel
Music:  Leonid Desiatnikov
Cast:  Vyacheslav Krikunov , Pyotr Logachyov , Irakly Mskhalaia , Yulia Peresild
Production:  Rock Film in co-production with Camera
BG distribution:  BDK
Paper Soldier
The Vanished Empire

Russia-Bulgaria , 2008, 80 min, color
Awards:  Karlovy Vary 2008 - "Best director" ; Cottbus Grand Prize

A convoy of Russian soldiers finds itself trapped in the mountainous Chechen landscape, lost in unfamiliar hostile territory. All around them explosions and gunfire from the unseen enemy shatter the stifling air. The commander of the garrison sends out the seasoned Rubakhin and the young rifleman Vovka to take captive a local who knows the mountain trails and could lead the men to safety. After a brief exchange of fire, the two men seize a young wounded Chechen who, although he doesnt speak Russian, seems to have understood his task. On this scorching summers day, the incongruous threesome have to make their way through the difficult terrain, forcing all of them to show mutual consideration and willingness. However, the proximity of the Chechen settlements soon destroys the intimacy that has developed between the men, and the captive has to pay a terrible price for his role as their passport to safety. His captors will not escape from the incident unscathed, either
Captive illustrates the absurdity of a single day in a horrific and senseless war a war being fought without anyone understanding its original causes and motivation.

Aleksei Uchitel
Russian director, born in 1951 in St. Petersburg and graduated from the Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). He worked as a director and cameraman at the Leningrad Documentary Film Studio and has served as the artistic director of the production company Rock Film Studio, formed in 1990. Since 1974, he has directed more than twenty-five documentaries. Winner of Nika (Russian Oscar) for His Wife's Diary.
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