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Director:  Sergey Dvortsevoy
Cinematography:  Jolanta Dylewska
Screenplay:  Sergey Dvortsevoy , Genadi Ostrovski
Producers:  Karl Baumgartner, Valerie Fischer, Gulnara Sarsenova, Bulat Galimgereyev, Sergey Melkumov, Elena Yat
Cast:  Askhat Kuchinchirekov , Samal Eslyamova , Ondasyn Besikbasov
Production:  Pandora Films/Cobra Film/Eurasia Film/Film Co. Slovo/CTB Filmproduction/Filmcontract/Pallas Film
International distribution:  The Match Factory
Paper Soldier
The Vanished Empire

Germany-Switzerland-Kazakhstan-Russia-Poland , 2008, 100 min, color
Awards:  Cannes 2008 - "Un Certain Regard Award" ; Karlovy Vary East of the West Award and Netpac Award; Zurich Grand Prize; Cottbus Special Prize; Nomination for EFA for European Discovery of the Year

Asa has finished his compulsory military service, but his beautiful naval uniform is still the nicest thing he has to wear when setting out to court the comely Tulpan. Asa lives a traditional nomadic life with his sister, her husband and their children. The young man is expected to become independent, set up his own yurt and tend his own herd. But if he wants to earn his own living, the first thing he has to do is marry. Since there is a shortage of single girls in the area, the visit to Tulpans yurt is very important. Indeed, the matchmaker claims that Tulpan is ideal for Asia. After a courteous interview with the girls parents, poor Asa finds put that Tulpan does not want to marry him because of his somewhat large and prominent ears. The young man doesnt give up, however, and continues to dream about a life in the middle of the vast steppes that might not end up as he envisaged. In addition to its good-humoured storyline, this charming film offers stunning, exotic views of the Kazakh Steppe where Asa and his friend the matchmaker run around in a strange vehicle covered with pictures of naked women.

Sergey Dvortsevoy
Sergey Dvortsevoy
Sergey Dvortsevoy was born in 1962 in Chimkent, Kazakhstan. He graduated from flight school in the Ukraine and from the Radio-Technical Institute in Novosibirsk. He worked for Aeroflot and was later accepted for the Higher Courses for Screenwriters and Directors in Moscow. He made a number of shorts and documentary films that were awarded at important international documentary festivals, including those in Leipzig and Nyon. His films offer a blend of naturalism and poetry, but his main interest lies in the faithful depiction of real life. Tulpan is his feature film debut.
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