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Euro Cinema

Director:  Benjamin Paquette
Cinematography:  Ivan Gekoff, tienne Boilard, Julia Frati, Alain Julfayan, J.R. Tellaj
Screenplay:  Benjamin Paquette
Producer:  Benjamin Paquette
Music:  Andrew David
Cast:  Darryl Hunter , Holly OBrien , Stephanie Dixon , Liliana Komorowska , Michael Challenger , Krisma Travis
Production:  Ourson Films/Telefilm Canada
Achilles and the Tortoise
All that She Wants
Colours of Passion
The Woman of Ahhs
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
The Woman of Ahhs
The Woman of Ahhs
The Woman of Ahhs
Canada , 2008, 125 min, color

Jude Garland, 33, a professional musician in Toronto, has fallen under the spell of a beautiful young woman. A woman he has never met. But he has seen her on the Net and enlists the help of a documentary filmmaker, Victoria Fleming, to help him find her. His quest takes him to Montreal where his friend Billy introduces him to Raymonde, Jacklyn and Bertie, three musicians with whom he will have three conversations on love. As for the girl, despite clues of every kind she remains impossible to locate and Jude's frustration grows. The Woman of Ahhs is a weirdly insightful film about romantic love and the nature of media and consciousness itself, a kind of mockumentary with the added complication that the documentarian on-screen is not the director. Light, dark, comedic, and dramatic, the film is an insightful and refreshingly original exploration of romantic love. Written and directed by international award-winning filmmaker B.P.Paquette (A Year in the Death of Jack Richards), The Woman of Ahhs is filled with a variety of music and songs, including a rare lead vocal & guitar appearance by legendary bluesman Mel Brown, eclectic cinematography headed by ace cameraman Ivan Gekoff, provocative dance sequences by critically acclaimed Cirque du Soleil choreographer Debra Brown, and spotlights a dynamic group of talented and promising young actors.

Benjamin Paquette
Canadian director, born in 1975 in Sudbury. He has graduated in Film Production from Concordia Universitys Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema. In 1998 he founded his own production company Ourson Films. Currently he is completing a Doctorate degree in Cinema Studies at the University of Montreal. Benjamin Paquette made nearly a dozen short films as a high school student. In 2004 he completed his debut feature film A Year in the Death of Jack Richards. The film is the first part of a trilogy, which continues with The Woman of Ahhs. It will be followed by The Anonymous Rudy S.

2004  A Year in the Death of Jack Richards
2008  The Woman of Ahhs
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