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Director:  Ketan Mehta
Cinematography:  Rali Raltchev , Christo Bakalov
Music:  Sandesh Sandilya
Producers:  Deepa Sahi and Aanand Mahendroo
Screenplay:  Ketan Mehta , Sanjeev Dutta
Cast:  Randeep Hooda , Nandana Sen , Jim Boeven
Production:  Maya Movies Pvt Ltd /Infinity Filmed Entertainment India
Achilles and the Tortoise
All that She Wants
Colours of Passion
The Woman of Ahhs
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Colours of Passion
Rang rasiya
Colours of Passion
India , 2008, 130 min, color

Both strikingly beautiful and audacious, Ketan Mehta's latest film charts the life of the great Indian artist Raja Ravi Varma, from his early days under the patronage of a King of Kerala, in the mid 1800s, moving on to British Bombay, where he makes his fortune. Here the genius gives birth to Indian modern art, helps inspire the independence movement and the dawning of Indian cinema with his depictions which bring to life the Hindu gods and goddesses. But first he must find his muse who comes in the lavish form of Sugandha. Varma's fascination for his model turns into a torrid, paint-smeared love affair, which is reflected in his art. The religious power brokers see his increasingly eroticized work as dangerous and Varma is dragged to the British courts to be tried for blasphemy.
Colours of Passion offers not only a spectacular insight into a turning point in Indian history, but also questions the freedom of the artist in contemporary society.

Ketan Mehta
Indian director, born in 1952 in Gujarat. He graduated in film direction from The Film Institute of India and has six feature films, seven documentaries and a television serial to his credit. His films was screened at many prestigious film festivals around the world and won numerous awards. His latest film Rang Rasiya was shot by the internationally aclimed Bulgarian cinematographers Rali Ralchev and Christo Bakalov.

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