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15.03. - 19:00,
Euro Cinema

18.03. - 16:30,

Director:  Joy Dietrich
Cinematography:  Lars Bonde and Robert Humphreys
Producer:  Joy Dietrich , Thomas Yong
Screenplay:  Joy Dietrich
Cast:  Kim Jiang , Jane Kim , Patrick Heusinger , Ian Wen
Production:  Tie a Yellow Ribbon/Gigantic Pictures
International distribution:  Insomnia World Sales
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Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
Tie a Yellow Ribbon
USA , 2007, 90 min, color

In the feature film Tie A Yellow Ribbon, Jenny Mason, a Korean adoptee and aspiring photographer, walks the streets of New York in a state of resigned indifference. Her days are spent with white friends and colleagues, her nights with white men. She has no contact with her Midwestern family due to a childhood indiscretion with her white brother, Joe. She rejects any attachment, dumping men as fast as she can pick them up. Yet she longs for a connection that would make her feel at home a home that she has lost and is forever seeking. One day, her roommate asks Jenny to move out, fanning her fears of abandonment. But as one door closes, another opens. She moves in with the beautiful but troubled Beatrice Shimizu and meets super-cool Simon Chang, whose sister, Sandy, lives next door. Together they open a whole new world for Jenny, an Asian American existence that she has never explored. Bea and Simon encourage and help jumpstart Jennys career in photography. Suddenly, Joe appears at her door, stirring up long lost feelings that she has tried to bury. As Jenny searches for a voice and photographic style that she can call her own, she finds that she must face her unresolved feelings toward her brother and family, and ultimately reconcile her identity as an Asian American.

Joy Dietrich
Korean-born American filmmaker Joy Dietrich started out in publishing, working as an editor and reporter for various magazines and news services in the United States and abroad. Her forst film the 16mm short novel Surplus, was critically acclaimed and participated at over 40 film festivals. Tie A Yellow Ribbon is her debut feature film.
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