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Mir jejich dusi
May They Rest in Peace
, 2005, 120 , -,
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This experimental insight into the reality of our presence balances on the edge between a feature film and documentary.
It is no accident that the mosaic of stories from Paseky and Jizerou is a rediscovery of places where the Czech storyteller Karel Václav Rais set his novel of the Czech revival. The traditionally Czech region within the Sudeten land has retained its historical continuity so that memories and written accounts are still alive for local inhabitants. The loose adaptation of accounts recorded in the chronicle of Drahoslav Waldmann features locals in the roles of their fathers and grandfathers. The brilliant performances by many amateur actors, homeowners, farm owners, and theatre amateurs from the surrounding areas are tied together by the phenomenon of human memory. Memories that span the whole century walk along with the wanderers. These memories are brought to life not only through film tricks and temporal jumps, but also through the imaginative qualities infused by the traditional spiritualism of the Krkonose Region.

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