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Pribeh trosecniku patrie
Story of Survivors from Patria
- , 1997, 58 , -,

A documentary about one forgotten episode of the holocaust. In 1940 Adolf Eichmann tried to incite riots in Palestine, with its regulated immigration policy, by sending three ships with close to 3600 Jews coming from the many occupied regions of Europe. The voyage through the warring Black and Mediterranean Seas meant many weeks of hunger and misery. When the refugees arrived at the harbour of Haifa the British authorities refused to give them permission to disembark. A decision was made to transfer the refugees onto the civilian liner Patria and transport them to the emigration camp on the island of Mauritius. The desperate refugees decided to attempt the role of castaways for according to British Royal law, the shipwrecked must be helped and so the refugees set off a bomb on their own ship. The explosion caused the deaths of hundreds of immigrants. Those who survived eventually got permission to enter the Holy Land. The filmmakers used exclusive archive materials. In 1998 the documentary was awarded the Fiat/Ifta prize.

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