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Director:  Rene U. Villarreal
Cinematography:  Antonio Beltran
Screenplay:  Rene U. Villarreal , Ana Rebuelta
Producer:  Rene U. Villarreal
Music:  Luis Manuel Lopez Carrera, Jose Manuel Mendoza Alvarez and Javier de Lira
Cast:  Fernanda Garcia Castaneda , Oliver Cantu , Andul Zambrano
Production:  Cumbia Regia Films
International distribution:  Cumbia Regia Films
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Cumbia Connection
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Cumbia Connection
Cumbia callera
Cumbia Connection
Mexico , 2007, 94 min, color
Awards:  Santa Cruz 2008 - "Best First Feature Award" Moscow 2008 - "Perspectives" Award"

Framed by high mountain chains that surround the city of Monterrey, three youngsters live passions and dilemmas, roaming between the steep slums and the luxury districts. Aspiring young filmmaker Neto chances upon a beautiful young girl, Cori, window shopping, and is immediately smitten. He captures her and her boyfriend Guiripi shoplifting a pair of sneakers, and then he follows the girl to where she lives. Neto becomes obsessed with the girl; he stalks her. When Cori notices shes being followed she runs away and loses one of her sneakers. When Neto arrives to give it back she finally falls for him and a love affair starts between the two. But Guiripi fights back. He has a surprise. Cori must make a choice between the two men. Or could it be that sometimes making no choice is the best choice? Maybe a love triangle doesnt necessarily have to be an unhappy one.

Rene U. Villarreal
Mexican director Rene U. Villarreal was born in Monterrey. He has lived and worked in his home town as well as in Paris, Los Angeles and Mexico City. He began his career in 1974 with a short film Fin, shot in Super-8. Cumbia Connection is his feature film debut.
2007  Cumbia callera
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