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Director:  Gerald McMorrow
Cinematography:  Ben Davis
Screenplay:  Gerald McMorrow
Producer:  Jeremy Thomas
Music:  Joby Talbot
Cast:  Eva Green , Ryan Phillippe , Sam Riley , Bernard Hill , James Faulkner , Art Malik , Susannah York
Production:  HanWay Films/Recorded Picture Co./U.K. Film Council/Film4
International distribution:  Contender Films
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Weekend in Tel Aviv (for My Father)
United Kingdom , 2008, 95 min, color

Refreshingly ambitious for a debut British feature, Franklyn is an urban fairytale which successfully marries inventive storytelling with a keen visual sense. Set between contemporary London, and the futuristic religion-dominated Meanwhile City, the film traces the fates of four characters: Jonathan Preest, an atheist vigilante who has vowed revenge on Meanwhile Citys leader; Emilia, a privileged young artist whose difficult relationship with her mother fuels her cynicism and depression; Milo, a sensitive young man whose heart has been recently broken; and Peter, a deeply religious man who has come to London in search of his missing son, a troubled Gulf War veteran.
Deftly moving the narrative between the worlds of the real and the imaginary allows writer-director Gerald McMorrow full reign to explore the relationship between love, fantasy and faith. The latest in a long history of director-led films from notable producer Jeremy Thomas, Franklyn is also very much a London film, making bold, original use of its metropolitan locations.

Sandra Hebron

Gerald McMorrow
British director, born in 1970 in London. He made his debut in cinema in 2002 with the short Thespian X. The film won the TCM Prize at London Film Festival and was screened at Berlinale and Tribeca. Franklyn is his debut feature film.

2002  Thespian X
2007  Franklyn
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