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Cinema House

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Director:  Dror Zahavi
Cinematography:  Carl Koschnick
Screenplay:  Ido Dror , Jonatan Dror
Music:  Misha Segal
Producers:  Zvi Spielmann and Heike Wiehle-Timm
Cast:  Shredi Jabarin , Hili Yalon , Shlomo Vishinsky
Production:  Comme des Cinemas/Kansai Television Corp./Bitters End/Sponge Ertentainment/ARTE France Cinema/Coin Film/WDR-Arte
International distribution:  RELEVANT FILM Produktionsgesellschaft mbH
Awaking from a Dream
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The Happiest Girl in the World
Weekend in Tel Aviv (for My Father)
Weekend in Tel Aviv (for My Father)
Sof Shavua BTel Aviv
Weekend in Tel Aviv (for My Father)
Israel-Germany , 2008, 98 min, color
Awards:  Moscow 2008 - "Audience Award"

Tarek, a young Arab man, is sent by the Tanzim terrorist group from Tulkarem to Tel Aviv on a suicide mission. In the Carmel Market, he mingles among the shoppers, but the bomb he is wearing fails to explode. He is forced to spend the weekend in Tel Aviv among the people living in the market. He is hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Katz, an elderly electrician and his wife, who lost their soldier son. Across the street, he meets Karen, a young woman who left the ultra-orthodox world of her family. Together, Tarek and Karen find comfort in their relationship and reveal their difficult life stories to one another. Gradually, the reasons that brought Tarek, a talented footballer on his way to becoming a professional player, to become a suicide bomber, emerge. Karen tells him of the circumstances that led her to live alone, far from the home where she was raised. Tarek becomes a part of Karens life and that of the Katz family. Through them, he is exposed to a side of Israeli society unfamiliar to him, to joy and sorrow, to beauty and violence. The entire time, the explosive device remains strapped to his body, attached to a cellular phone through which his dispatchers can explode it at any moment. Tarek knows that when the weekend ends, he will have to make the decision of his life.

Dror Zahavi
Dror Zahavi
Born in Israel, Dror Zahavi studied directing at the Konrad Wolf Academy of Film and Television in Potsdam, Germany, and graduated in 1988 with the film Alexander Penn Ich Will Sein in Allem, which was nominated for the student Oscar the same year.

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2008  Sof shavua bTel Aviv
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