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Director:  Chapour Haghighat
Cinematography:  Mrinal Desai
Screenplay:  Chapour Haghighat
Producer:  Chapour Haghighat
Cast:  Mansoor Seth , Prem Datta , Ravi Rekh Rai
Production:  Chapour Haghighat/Perspectives Nomades
International distribution:  Perspectives Nomades
Awaking from a Dream
Bahrtalo (Good Luck!)
Cumbia Connection
Native Dancer
Possible Lives
The Firm Land
The Happiest Girl in the World
Weekend in Tel Aviv (for My Father)
The Firm Land
Zamin-e mohkam
The Firm Land
India - France , 2008, 95 min, color
Awards:  San Sebastian 2008 - "Program Zabaltegi New Directors"

A quietly effective, simply told parable of resistance to the heartlessness of the state, Chapour Haghighat's The Firm Land celebrates traditional community values even as it records their decline. In a remote village by the Indian Ocean, struck by a deadly disease, a man comes from the sea, seeking the firm land... While death is lurking, the villagers decide to turn to the government for help. But as they feel unable to present their demand by themselves, some men are sent to the capital, with the mission of hiring mediators, learned men who could plead their cause with the administration. Lost in the big city, the countrymen cannot find any help and get into trouble... They are rescued by some street-boys who introduce them to a disillusioned former professor. The professor pushes the villagers to go and besiege the ministry themselves until they get heard... But they are turned down roughly by the administration. An old lady, a ruined and melancholy aristocrat, organizes a great feast for them... They sing, dance, talk about happiness and life... This story is a fable about the passing of time, the hopes of men, haunted by loneliness and death.

Chapour Haghighat
Iranian-French novelist, author and film director, born in 1974 in Garmsar, Iran. He has written several theatre plays and novels in both Persian and French. After making a short documentary about the landless peasants in Brazil, he shot in Turkey his first feature film, The Nightly Song of the Travelers, based on one of his novels and successfully presented at many festivals around the world. The Firm Land is his second feature film.
2006  The Nightly Song of The Travellers
2008  The Firm Land
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