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Director:  Thanos Anastopoulos
Cinematography:  Ilias Adamis
Screenplay:  Thanos Anastopoulos , Vassilis Raisis
Producer:  Thanos Anastopoulos
Cast:  Yorgos Symeonidis , Ornela Kapetani , Savina Alimani
Production:  Thanos Anastopoulos/Fantasia Audiovisual
International distribution:  Fantasia Ltd
My Marlon and Brando
No One's Son
Tears For Sale
The Tour
Greece , 2007, 87 min, color
Awards:  Thessaloniki 2007 - "Greek competition" - Awards for best screenplay and for best actor to Yorgs Simeonidis

A man is released from prison. With nowhere to go he wanders through contemporary Athens peopled with migrants, the homeless, and other marginalised members of society. Along the way, he meets a woman and a little girl... A film about ordinary people, Correction allows both the hero and the viewers an opportunity to contemplate issues of guilt and forgiveness, the preservation of human dignity and also current problems of ethnic intolerance which often escalate during sports competitions when, on the contrary, such events are supposed to bring people together. The associations which are gradually uncovered, the cultivation of an atmosphere of unexpressed secrets, the absence of pathos and the ambivalent portrayal of the protagonist lend the film its universal quality. The story is anchored in the environment of the Greek capital, a city transformed by the arrival of immigrants.

Thanos Anastopoulos
Greek director, born in 1965, in Athens and initially studied philosophy in Greece and then also in France. He has directed several shorts and documentaries which were screened at festivals all over the world, and also two stage plays. His feature debut All the Weight of the World (2003) was selected for the programme at the Rotterdam festival. Correction was screened in its international premiere at the Berlinale.
2003  Olo to varos tou kosmou
2007  Correction
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