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Director:  Damjan Kozole
Cinematography:  Ales Belak
Screenplay:  Damjan Kozole
Producer:  Danijel Hocevar
Music:  Igor Leonardi, “Patetico” and “Laibach”
Cast:  Dejan Spasic , Marjuta Slamic , Peter Musevski
Production:  Vertigo/Emotionfilm
International distribution:  MDC International GmbH
My Marlon and Brando
No One's Son
Tears For Sale
The Tour
Za vedno
Slovenia , 2008, 82 min, color
Awards:  Slovene Film Festival 2008 - "Award for best actress" to Marjuta Slamic

The story of Forever develops in almost real time. It takes place during two and a half hours in one night. We witness what is going on behind an apartment door: the hellish psychological moments of a couple where the thin line between love and hate breaks down. Tanja and Mare have been married for five years now. As is often the case, they seem to be a happy couple to the outside world. However, the relationship is on the verge falling apart. It is 3.30 am Friday night and Tanja’s husband leaves the keys in the door so that she has to ring the bell when she comes home. Instead of going to sleep, Mare starts questioning his wife. What begins with Mare's jealous whims is followed by various humiliations, including domestic violence. But when the police come, the woman is not able - or is unwilling - to report on her husband. The power game continues, the dialogue masterfully reveals all the intimate secrets of this marriage.

Damjan Kozole
Damjan Kozole
Slovenian director, born in 1964 in Brezice, Yugoslavia. He is an acclaimed Slovenian film maker who made his first feature at the age of 22. His low-budget debut The Fatal Telephone, was one of the first independent films made in former Yugoslavia. His feature Spare Parts won several international awards and was selected for the competition in Berlin ‘03. His next feature film Labour Equals Freedom won Grand Prix in Valencia ‘06.
1986  Usodni telefon
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1997  Stereotip
2000  Porno Film
2003  Spare Parts
2004  Visions of Europa - segment “Europa”)
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2008  Forever
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