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12.03. - 18:30,

Director:  Uros Stojanovic
Cinematography:  Dusan Ivanovic
Producer:  Batric Nenezic
Music:  Shigeru Umebayashi
Screenplay:  Uros Stojanovic , Aleksandar Radivojevic
Cast:  Katarina Radivojevic , Sonja Kolacaric , Nenad Jezdic
Production:  Ulysses Pictures/Blue Pen/Intermedia Network/Europa Corp.
BG distribution:  Alexandra Group
My Marlon and Brando
No One's Son
Tears For Sale
The Tour
Tears For Sale
Carlston za ognjenku
Tears For Sale
Serbia-France , 2008, 85 min, color

In a visually sumptuous debut by Serbian director Uro Stojanovic, the curtain rises on two sisters, Ognjenka and Little Boginja, living high in the mountain village of Pokrp. Their beauty stands out against battle-scarred Serbia of the twenties, a phantasmagorical landscape full of potent magic and myth. They live under the legacy of their late grandmother, who cried eight days and eight nights for her dead husband, producing a salty and bitter lake of tears. Now the village is one of widows, as nearly all of the men were eradicated in a lengthy war. In an episode of sensual
overexertion, the sisters accidentally kill Old Man Bisa Pokrps sole surviving male. They are accused of witchcraft and sentenced to be burned at the stake by the enraged female villagers. Granted a reprieve after promising to deliver
a living, virile replacement within three days, the feisty pair set out into the world beyond. Upon discovering modern
fashion, they transform into Belgrade babes and cross paths with the Charleston King, a slick dance-hall dandy, and the Man of Steel, a buffoonish circus performer. Fear of their grannys angry ghost thwarts their selfish desire to keep the hunks for themselves, and they are pulled back to Pokrp. But will the village of ravenous and randy widows remember how to love?

Uros Stojanovic
2008  Carlston za Ognjenku
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