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Director:  Goran Markovic
Cinematography:  Radoslav Vladic
Screenplay:  Goran Markovic
Producer:  Svetozar Cvetkovic and Tihomir Stanic
Music:  Zoran Simjanovic
Cast:  Tihomir Stanic , Dragan Nikolic , Mira Furlan , Slavko Stimac , Sergej Trifunovic
Production:  Testament Film/Balkan Film/Fos Film
International distribution:  Eurovision Fiction–EBU
My Marlon and Brando
No One's Son
Tears For Sale
The Tour
The Tour
The Tour
Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Croatia , 2008, 108 min, color
Awards:  Montreal 2008 - "Best director" and of FIPRESCI; Thessaloniki 2008 - Audience Awards in the program “Balkan Survey”

1993, the bleakest time of war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A group of actors from Belgrade, utterly unaware of what they’re getting into, embark on a quest for a few quick dinars – via a “tour” of Serbian Krajina. Before they know it, they are caught up in the vicious Bosnian civil war and they begin to wander from one war front to another, from one army to the next. During their appalling journey they meet Serbian, Muslim and Croatian fighters, and are faced with seemingly hopeless predicaments out of which they always manage to work their way. Their naivety, which is what got them into the terrible situations in the first place, is also what saves them. Putting their acting skills to extra use, they manage to escape from perils they encounter every step of the way. Despite everything, during their “tour”, which is filled with ordeals and humiliations, they preserve the quality that is essential to all actors – a childish passion for play. This quality is so far removed from what animates the people who are at war that it leaves the villains around them perplexed and protects the group of actors during their entire journey – a sort of guardian angel. After having experienced all the horrors of war, they return to their theater as different people.The war has changed them: they are no longer the innocent, child-like creatures who look forward to getting up on stage, but people with a dark shadow cast over their souls.

Goran Markovic
Goran Markovic
Serbian director, born in Belgrade in 1946. He studied filmmaking at FAMU, Prague. After graduating, he began working for Yugoslav television, directing documentaries and about 50 TV films. Goran Markovic also directs for the theatre. One of the best known of the “Czech School” of Yugoslav directors, he now teaches at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. His films have screened at festivals around the world and won numerous prizes.
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