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16.03. - 20:30,
Cinema House

Director:  Wilma Kiener
Cinematography:  Dieter Matzka and Wilma Kiener
Screenplay:  Wilma Kiener
Producer:  Boyan Groys
Music:  Mihaly Tabanyi
With:  Gergana Kofardschiewa, Itzko Finzi, Marina Prashanova, Georgetta Chakarova, Ani Petrova, Gani Babino
Production:  Shipka Film
First Film, Second Film
Fish Cry Freedom
Midsummer Madness
Soccer Chameleons
The Geraks
The World is Big and Salvation Lurks around the Corner
Fish Cry Freedom
Fish Cry Freedom
Fish Cry Freedom
Germany-Bulgaria , 2008, 53 min, color

A film about Love and Marseille set in Sofia on All Saints Day.
The acclaimed Bulgarian actors Gergana Kofardschiewa and Itzko Finzi are working through a film script and the whole town gets to play a part.

Wilma Kiener
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