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19.03. - 18:00,
Cinema House

Director:  Stoycho Shishkov
Cinematography:  Radoslav Ginovski
Screenplay:  Stoycho Shishkov
Music:  Rumen Boyadjiev, Rumen Boyadjiev Jr.
Cast:  Stoyko Peev , Dimitar Zhivkov , Vladimir Kolev , Alexander Ivanov , Tihomir Blagoev
Production:  SIYANA FILM 2000/NFC/BNT
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Soccer Chameleons
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Soccer Chameleons
Soccer Chameleons
Soccer Chameleons
Bulgaria , 2008, 75 min, color

A bomb blast during a tussle of soccer fans in downtown Sofia claims an innocent life.
An investigation is launched. The interrogations confront the detective with a gang of violators who commit acts of vandalism at football stadiums. Dimo Kareto is one of them, a teenaged football buff, who, starting with playing football in his neighbourhood as thousands of kids do, ends up in court.

Stoycho Shishkov
Bulgarian director. Stoicho Shishkov graduated Bulgarian philology at the Sofia University. From 1966 to 1991 he worked at Boyana Film Studios as an assistant director, 2nd assistant director and director. He has authored documentaries, popular science films, and television films among which A FootballRhapsody, The 9 Steps, To Change the World, A Recollection of the Boats as well as the documentary series The PMs of Bulgaria. In 2008 he makes his feature debut Soccer Chameleons.
2008  Soccer Chameleons
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