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Director:  Andrey Slabakov
Cinematography:  Dimitar Gotchev , Nenad Boroevic
Screenplay:  Andrey Slabakov
Producer:  Andrey Slabakov
Cast:  Ernestina Shinova , Deyan Donkov , Petar Slabakov , Valentin Tanev , Toncho Tokmakchiev , Neti , Malin Krastev , Ivan Panev , Valentin Ganev , Ivan Pavlov , Orlin , Boyka Velkova , Koyna Ruseva , Stefka Yanorova , Magardich Halvadjian , Julian Vergov
First Film, Second Film
Fish Cry Freedom
Midsummer Madness
Soccer Chameleons
The Geraks
The World is Big and Salvation Lurks around the Corner
Bulgaria , 2008, 100 min, color

Two very similar families are trying to get along living in a new neighborhood being built near a complex of prefab apartment blocks. At first the two couples like each other, but their fondness slowly grows into hatred. One of the reasons for this is their desire to be different from each other but the more they try to differ from their neighbors, the more they become identical both psychologically and physically. This is because they share an identical concept of being different. Their mutual irritation turns to full-on hatred and they make an attempt at mutual destruction. Their homes, which are set on fire, are not the only damages caused by these attempts: the wife of one of the families and the husband of the other also fall victims in the war. As they sit watching the smoking ruins of their homes, the surviving man and woman quickly discover that they were made for each other.

Andrey Slabakov
Bulgarian director and actor Andrey Slabakov was born in Sofia in 1960. He graduated from the High Institute of Theater Arts in 1984, with a degree in film directing. From 1991 to 1995 he worked for the Italian television network RAI.
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