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16.03. - 18:30,
Cinema House

Director:  Maksim Genchev
Cinematography:  Dobromir Nikolov
Producer:  Desislava Kovacheva
Music:  Filip Pavlov
Screenplay:  based on the story by Elin Pelin The Geraks , Maksim Genchev
Cast:  Maksim Genchev , Svetlana Genova , Simeon Aleksiev , Desislava Chuturkova , Nikolay Genchev , Robert Ianakiev , Raicho Vasilev , Lazar Radkov
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The Geraks
The World is Big and Salvation Lurks around the Corner
The Geraks
The Geraks
The Geraks
Bulgaria , 2008, 92 min, color

After Margas death the home falls apart. The devil opens a grocery store in the hearts of her children and starts to trade good for evil.
Envy, egoism, vil hearts
Who stole the money?
The senior Gerak blames everybody but himself.
When the sound of the gold coins deafens the sound of the heart, it becomes quiet in the souls like within an abyss where bodies shed in screams.

I dipped into the time of a century ago in order to understand how those people lived, what connected them and what separated them, what made them laugh and what made them cry, what their dreams and fears were I read a lot of documents as well. I wanted to find how politics and money are connected to the human ego. Why does it happen so that you hurt and destroy the ones you love the most. We have the same sins today.

Maksim Genchev

Maksim Genchev
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