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07.03. - 16:30,

Director:  Nickola Korabov
Cinematography:  Plamen Somov
Screenplay:  Nickola Korabov , based on the short story Dervishs Seed by Nickolay Haytov
Cast:  Elefteri Elefterov , Lyuben Chatalov , Maria Hristova , Yordan Spirov , Leda Tasseva
Production:  First Creative Unit
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Bulgaria , 1983, 86 min, color
Awards:  Union of Bulgarian Film Makers 1983 - "Award for best cinematography" ; Bulgarian Film Festival in Varna 1984 Best Director Award ; International Film Festival Trento 1984 The Special Jury Award; Special Mention from International Film Education and Culture Centre

Destiny is a screen version of Nickolay Haytovs short story Dervish Seed about love and the obstacles before it, about traditions and the past, about despair and reconciliation with fate. The image of the beloved remains in the heart forever regardless of the fate in store

High up in the mountains there live the Grandmother and the Grandfather with their grandson. There comes a time when they decide to marry him off strong hands to work in the house are needed and, besides, the Dervish seed is to be preserved so that the family can carry on. But the Boy and the Girl are so young they dont know what love is. The Neighbour however flares up with wild passion for the Girl on the very wedding day. And when rumours start going round the neighbourhood that the whole thing was much cry and little wool and the young couple have not yet become man and wife, he buys the Girl from her brothers for two rams. It seems time stops for the Girl and the Boy at that moment. Dragged along through woods and ravines, locked up in an alien house, the Neighbour forcing himself on her, the Girl has to accept her fate. At first, the Boy wants to kill himself, but he is stopped and some time later he also raises a family and brings up his children. Only, the Girls face is forever imprinted in his soul and he is in constant wrestling with his ego should he retaliate for the evil done and the insult offered.

Nickola Korabov
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