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Director:  Kornel Mundruczo
Cinematography:  Matyas Erdely
Screenplay:  Yvette Biro , Kornel Mundruczo
Producer:  Philippe Bober , Viktoria Petranyi
Music:  Felix Lajko
Cast:  Felix Lajko , Orsi Toth , Lili Monori , Sandor Gaspar
Production:  Proton Cinema/ Filmpartners/Essential Filmproduction
International distribution:  Coproduction Office
BG distribution:  ART Fest Ltd.
Birds of Paradise
Copying Beethoven
Flights in Dreams and in Reality
In Bruges
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Witman Boys
Wild Dogs
Hungary-Germany , 2008, 110 min, color
Awards:  Cannes 2008 - "FIPRESCI Prize" ; Cottbus – “Don Quixote” Award; 3 awards at Hungarian Film Week ’08 – for Best Film, Music and Critics Award

A quiet young man returns to his native region, the wild Delta, where the villagers live cut off from the world around them. Here he has the chance to get acquainted with the sister he has never known. He decides to build himself a home there and, while working on the house, he and his sister become closer than the social convention permits. Punishment from the xenophobic villagers is not long in coming. The only representative of Eastern European cinema in competition at Cannes this year, Delta deals sensitively with its thorny subject matter yet includes some gritty scenes. The relationship between the sibling couple gives an impression of being pure and uncorrupted, and the director himself confesses that he was not looking to make a film about incest so much as to explore the boundaries of personal freedom. The minimalist film plays out at an almost meditatively slow tempo in visually attractive setting amidst uninhabited nature. The isolated environment of the village surrounded by water helps build a strong drama experienced more inwardly than outwardly.

Kornel Mundruczo
Hungarian director born in 1975. He studied acting and than film direction at the Collage of Dramatic and Film Arts in Budapest. Kornel Mundruczo grabbed international attention right from the start with his shorts. His feature debut Pleasant Days (2002) won a Silver Leopard in Locarno in 2002 and the Grand Prize at Sofia Film Fest. Mundruczo’s second film was an adaptation of the story of Joan of Arc, Johanna (2005), which premiered in the Un certain regard section at Cannes.
2000  Nincsen nekem vagyam semmi
2002  Szep napok
2005  Shortlasting Silence - segment from the film “Lost and Found”
2005  Johanna
2008  Delta
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