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Cinema House

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Euro Cinema

Director:  Arnon Zadok
Cinematography:  Ofer Inov
Producers:  Doron Eran, Yoram Globus and Menahem Golan
Screenplay:  Assi Dayan
Cast:  Lior Ashkenazi , Ayelet Zurer , Alon Abutbul
Production:  Pennylane Production
International distribution:  New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and Television
Birds of Paradise
Copying Beethoven
Flights in Dreams and in Reality
In Bruges
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Witman Boys
Wild Dogs
Wild Dogs
Rak klavim ratzim hofshi
Wild Dogs
Israel , 2007, 97 min, color

In Israel 2006, a young lawyer, Uri, faces a moral dilemma when asked to lie for his friend who is being accused for murdering an Arab boy during a military operation. As he plans to tell the awful truth, he faces the brutal death of his wife, a social worker trying to rescue the poor from their lowlife existence. It is now his fate to seek revenge, and he embarks on a personal crusade.
A social drama depicting the struggle of a man between his loyalty to his country, to his family and friends and of his own integrity. Through this fiction story, Israel 2006 is presented in its poorest and most critical state, where keeping one's pride and righteous ways brings upon an insane state of being.

Arnon Zadok
Israelian actor, producer, director and writer, born in 1949 in Ramat Gan. He started as an actor in 1981. In 1996 he made his debut as director with the full-length drama White Night, which won the Award of the Youth for foreign film at Cannes Film Festival. In 2001 his third feature film Ingil was nominated for the Awards of the Israeli Film Academy. Wild Dogs is his sixth feature film.

1996  Layla lavan
1998  Tzedek muchlat
2001  Ingil
2003  Lihiyot kochav
2005  Mivza hazala
2008  Rak klavim ratzim hofshi
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