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Cinema House

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Euro Cinema

Director:  Janos Szasz
Cinematography:  Tibor Mathe
Producer:  Ferenc Kardos
Music:  Istran Sipos
Screenplay:  Janos Szasz
Cast:  Fogarassi Alpar , Gergely Szaboles , Maia Morgenstern , Dominika Ostalowska , Koracs Lajos
Production:  Budapest Filmstudio/MTM Communications/MTV/47eme Parallelle/Studio Filmowe Zebra/Mafilm
International distribution:  Magyar Filmunio
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In Bruges
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
The Witman Boys
Wild Dogs
The Witman Boys
Witman Fiuk
The Witman Boys
Hungary- France-Poland , 1997, 93 min, color
Awards:  Moscow 1997 - "FIPRESCI Award" , Silver St. George; Chicago International Film Festival 1997 Silver Hugo; Hungarian Film Week 1997 Critics Award, Best Cinematographer Award; Camerimage 1997 Golden Frog; European Film Awards 1997 nomination for Best Cinematography

1914. A small town in Hungary. With their father dead, the Witman brothers, Janos 14 and Erno 12 years old, are being raised by a young maid and their mother. But the charming Mrs. Witman is completely devoted to her lover, and is cold and uncaring towards her children. The two boys choose to live in their own weird and violent world. Janos meets a prostitute who gives him all the tenderness, love and attention he desperately needs. Erno will also meet the girl, upon which the boys will decide to offer her the only appropriate gift: the beautiful pendant that their mother usually wears. Just as they sacrificed animals in the past, to exorcise their father's death, so now will they sacrifice their mother.

"I wanted to describe one possible way leading to matricide, through the lack of relationships, mixing reality and a violent imaginary world together," says director Janos Szasz of the film he has made of a novel by the Hungarian author Geza Csath. "Showing violence itself was not my purpose. I look for a peculiar rhythm, colours close to monochromy precisely for the audience to watch, participate, and understand the images from inside. In that sense I feel very close to Bergman and Tarkovskis films: they represent my ideal of film."

Janos Szasz
Hungarian director, born in 1958 in Budapest. After working as a theatre props man, he studied film and stage directing in Budapest. He has made several documentaries and childrens films for the Hungarian televisions.
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