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Director:  Stephan Komandarev
Vindicator:  Petar Punchev
Doomed Souls
East of Eden
Master and Margaret
One Hundred Years of Solitude
The Count of Monte Christo
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Iron Oil Lamp
The Little Prince
The Lord of the Rings
Time of Violence
Under the Yoke
East of Eden
East of Eden
East of Eden
Bulgaria , 2009, 30 min, color

“East of Eden” – the great saga written by John Steinbeck's has its vindicators Peter
Punchev, the publisher Krastan Dyankov and director Stephan Komandarev. Is there a time and place for happiness for a rebel who will always be an outsider? 27 minutes in searching trough pages written by Steinbeck – among biblical legends, disgrace, escapism, love… Contemporary strolling down Salinas Valley into film and literary memories from different times, with a compass which pointer has only one direction – “East of Eden”.

Stephan Komandarev
Bulgarian director, born in 1966. He graduated from the Medical Academy at Sofia (1993) and the New Bulgarian University (1998), with a degree in film & TV directing. The World is Big and Salvation Lurks around the Corner is his second full-length feature film.

ALPHABET OF HOPE (2003, documentary)
Best Bulgarian Documentary Film Award “Golden Rython” – 14th Golden Rython Bulgarian Documentary Film Festival (Plovdiv, 2003)
Documentary Award for Best Documentary film of the Hertie-Foundation – GoEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Film (Wiesbaden, 2004)

BREAD OVER THE FENCE (2002, documentary)
Best East-European Documentary Film Award – 45th International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Films 2002
Documentary Award of the Hertie-Foundation – GoEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Film (Wiesbaden, 2003)
Special Mention of the International Critic's Prize – FIPRESCI – GoEast Festival of Central and Eastern European Film (Wiesbaden, 2003)

THE WAY OF HARMONY (2001, short documentary)
Silver Prize – 45th Competition for Films and Videos on Japan (Tokyo, 2001)

PLEASE, SHUT-UP BAND (2001, short music film)

DOGS’ HOME (2000, feature – debut)
Debut Award – “Golden Rose” National Film Festival (Varna, 2000)
Selected at: 51st Berlin Film Festival - International Forum of New Cinema (2001), Montreal World Film Festival (2001)

MONDAY 8/2; (1998 – 2001, 65 editions) – weekly documentary television program, devoted to the history of Bulgarian cinema

CASUAL CUPS (1998, short feature)

THE BALLOON (1997, short feature)
Public Award at the International Film Schools Festival “Henri Langois”, Poitiers, France (1997)
Best Film Award at the Student Film Festival (Sofia, 1997)

DUEL (1996, short feature)
1997  The Balloon - short
1998  Casual Cups - short
2000  Dogs' Home
2001  Thå Way of Harmony - documentary
2002  Bread over the Fence - documentary
2003  Alphabet Of Hope
2008  The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner
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