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Director:  Boris Despodov
Vindicator:  Dimitar Stoyanovich
Doomed Souls
East of Eden
Master and Margaret
One Hundred Years of Solitude
The Count of Monte Christo
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
The Iron Oil Lamp
The Little Prince
The Lord of the Rings
Time of Violence
Under the Yoke
Master and Margaret
Master and Margaret
Bulgaria , 2009, 27 min, color

Every evening an amateur theatrical group plays a show, based on “The Master and Margarita” in Bulgakov’s house in Moscow. The mystic spirit of the novel had influenced the actors’ lives and before they know it, their personal destinies repeat some traits in this book’s heroes’ fates. The fantasy is mixed with the reality for it’s a book that has a special gift – to change this very reality that surrounds us.

Boris Despodov
Bulgarian director, born in 1973 in Sofia. Graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia. Started his career as a painter. Author and publisher of “Kamikaze gazette”, a cultural magazine. He makes the posters for his films including that for Corridor #8. Award winning animator: Mythology, Tick-Tack (Best Animation Film – Bulgarian Film Awards 2005; Best Animation Film – Bulgarian Union of Filmmakers Annual Awards 2005; Audience Prize Shorts Welcome, Dresden IFF 2005). Now working on Three Sisters and Andrey, a hyper-real painted animation, which won the Promotional Prize for Joint Co-productions of young German and East European Filmmakers 2006, given by the Robert Bosch Foundation. In 2005, while developing Corridor #8, he met Danish filmmaker Jorgen Leth and made a short documentary about him, Schindler’s Lift.
Corridor #8 is his first full-length feature film.
2002  Mythology – animation short
2004  Tick-Tack – animation short
2004  Schindler’s Lift – short
2008  Corridor #8 – docu
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