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Cinema House

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Euro Cinema

Director:  Bernhard Kammel
Cinematography:  Bernhard Kammel
Screenplay:  Bernhard Kammel
Producer:  Bernhard Kammel
Music:  Rainer Heinrich Viltz
Editor(s):  Bernhard Kammel , Hannes Anderwald
Cast:  Meglena Karalambova , Sofia Kouzeva-Tcherneva , Vera Baranyai
Production:  Filmemacher
International distribution:  Filmemacher GmbH
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The Daughter
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The Daughter
Die Tochter
The Daughter
Austria , 2008, 99 min, black & white

A young woman rides with a regional train to a town called Freiland to visit her mother. Their conversation keeps coming back to her father who 25 years ago went on a hike and never came back. He must have been an exceptional person. His aura can still be sensed everywhere. Sequences made following exact details make the investigation possible, but an investigation about what? Every detail of the forest floor seems of importance. Long takes, with minimal cuts, gave the film a dream-like continuity enhanced by the strong shadows that black and white footage so often exaggerates.

Bernhard Kammel
Bernhard Kammel was born in 1962 in Vienna. He studied Architecture, Philosophy, Psychology and Forestry from 1980 to 1995. He has been working as photographer since 1979. The Daughter is his debut film.
2008  Die Tochter
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