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Director:  Juraj Nvota
Cinematography:  Alexander Surkala
Screenplay:  Ondrej Sulaj , based on the novel by Peter Pistanek
Producer:  Marian Urban and Andreas Eicher
Music:  Robert Mankovecky
Cast:  Lubos Kostelny , Dorota Nvotov , Tanya Pauhofova
Production:  ALEF Film & Media Group/box! Film
Cloud 9
Country Wedding
I've Loved You So Long
Sleeping Songs
Terribly Happy
The Daughter
The Karamazovs
Three Wise Man
Slovakia-Germany , 2008, 101 min, color
Awards:  Karlovy Vary 2008 - "program “East of the West”"

The film is set in a small Slovak town in the late 1970s and early 1980s and tells the story of young Martin, who loves music, especially jazz. His in-laws are irritated by his practice sessions on the saxophone: jazz leaves them cold. Even Martin’s colleagues from the water purification plant where he works as a service engineer are unresponsive to his playing and, in their sneaky reports about him, they describe him as someone who only appreciates Western music. Martin starts earning a bit on the side in a local band which performs mostly middle-of-the-road stuff. Surprisingly, he finds his interest in more discriminating forms of self-expression is shared by the liberal Anča, who enchants him to the extent that he is even willing to sacrifice his family to be with her. Juraj Nvota’s film is another adaptation of a prose work by Peter Pištanek (e.g. Rivers of Babylon, 1998, dir. Vlado Balco). More than simply a tale about the pursuit of a musical career, the film offers an intimate account of a man to whom music offers the chance to find personal freedom.

Juraj Nvota
Juraj Nvota
Slovakian director, born in 1954 in Bratislava. Stage, television and film director and also actor, he graduated in stage direction from Bratislava’s Academy of Performing Arts (1977) and then worked in Trnava, Martin and Bratislava. He regularly directs productions at Studio Ypsilon in Prague. As an associate professor (1999), he lectures at the drama and puppet-theatre faculty of Bratislava’s Academy of Performing Arts. He has appeared in the films of Dusan Hanak, Martin Sulik and other directors, and he became famous in the role of postman Jakub in Hanak’s film The Rosy Dreams (1976). After experience working on documentaries and TV programmes he made his first feature film in 2002, Cruel Joys.
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