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Euro Cinema

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Director:  Andri Luup
Cinematography:  Meelis Veeremets
Screenplay:  Andri Luup
Producer:  Artur Talvik
Music:  Tonis Leemets
Cast:  Sesa Lehto , Maria Peterson
Production:  Eetriuksus/Ruut Pictures
International distribution:  Ruut Pictures
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Estonia , 2008, 85 min, color

Yet another Finn has fallen off a ship in the port of Tallinn. He has come to Estonia to find a proper wife. Kinnunen is a comedy about Juha Kinnunen and the teacher Oie Kannike, who, as chance or fate would have it, start to teach each other. Kinnunen is not an ordinary man. He is a Finnish man. Oie is not an ordinary woman. She is an Estonian woman. It is difficult to find a common language. Because one is a woman and the other is a man.
Perhaps every man is a bit Finnish and every woman is a bit like Estonian women. A man does not have the same language as a woman. When he speaks Finnish, she speaks Estonian, the words are almost the same, its a similar language, but the meaning is different. People are not able to show their feelings. So young people use the help of alcohol to approach each other, especially in northern countries. I used quite a typical situation, where Finnish men come to find ladies from Estonia, because Finnish women are more masculine than Estonian women in their eyes, and some Finns perhaps want a more feminine touch. So, a man in a new territory. In a foreign land. With its strange rules. Kinnunen is quite a typical surname of a Finnish person. In the Estonian language it can mean a closed human being who lives in a shell.

Andri Luup

Andri Luup
Estonian director, born in 1972 in Tallinn. Actor by studies, has contributued to radio and TV. He also writes scripts and works as an actor in the theatre studio Theatrum. Director of TV-commercials, short films and features.
2002  Ferdinand short
2008  Kinnunen
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