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Cinema House

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Cinema House

Director:  Lance Daly
Cinematography:  Lance Daly , Jake Corbett, David Grennan
Screenplay:  Lance Daly
Music:  Go Blimps Go
Cast:  Kelly O'Neill , Shane Curry , Stephen Rea , Neili Conroy , Paul Roe
Production:  Fastnet Films/Film I Vast
International distribution:  Focus Features
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Ireland-Sweden , 2008, 72 min, color
Awards:  Foyle Film Festival 2008 - "Best Film" ; Galway Film Fleadh "Best Irish Feature Film Award"

Kylie and Dylan live in an impoverished housing estate on the outskirts of Dublin, where they spend their time loafing around outdoors in an attempt to avoid their loathsome parents. Kylie lives with five other siblings and an emotionally vacant, workaholic mother. Dylan lives in an acutely dysfunctional household, with a foul-mouthed alcoholic father, an abused mother and distant memories of an older brother who ran away two years prior. Not surprisingly, a huge quarrel breaks out between Dylan and his father during the Christmas holiday. With the aid of Kylie, Dylan escapes from his father's clutches, and the two flee their miserable homes and run away together. With a wad of cash stolen from Kylie's older sister, they set their sights on inner-city Dublin in search of salvation and Dylan's missing brother. Thus begins a kaleidoscopic odyssey through the night as they meet up with all sorts of vibrant and shady characters perhaps even Bob Dylan.

As the two youths make their way out of their suburb and into the city, the film's rich black-and-white visuals gradually begin to expand into a colourfully vibrant palette, and by the time they reach the downtown, we get full-blown multi-hues and neon signs. Writer-director Lance Daly's exploration of Dublin seen though the eyes of the two young, increasingly less innocent protagonists contains touches of both danger and marvel. With remarkably accomplished performances from two young, unknown leads, a compelling, confidently curt and straightforward narrative, and a most unique vision of Dublin, Kisses is sure to provoke emotions of enchantment, wonder and horror.

Michele Maheux

Lance Daly
Lance Daly was born in Dublin and worked as an actor, musician, photographer and editor before beginning his career as a writer-director. In 1999 he directed his first feature film, Last Days in Dublin. His second film, The Halo Effect, was selected for the closing gala of the Dublin International Film Festival in 2004 and was nominated for five Irish Film and Television Academy awards, including Best Script.
2001  Last Days in Dublin
2004  The Halo Effect
2008  Kisses
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