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Euro Cinema

Director:  Henrik Ruben Genz
Cinematography:  Jorgen Johansson
Screenplay:  Henrik Ruben Genz , Dunja Gry Jensen , based on the novel by Erling Jepsen
Music:  Kare Bjerko
Producers:  Thomas Gammeltoft and Tina Dalhoff
Cast:  Jakob Cedergren , Kim Bodnia , Lene Maria Christensen
Production:  Fine and Mellow
International distribution:  TrustNordisk
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Terribly Happy
Frygtelig lykkelig
Terribly Happy
Denmark , 2008, 100 min, color
Awards:  Karlovy Vary 2008 - "Crystal Globe" for best film; Valladolid – Awards for best screenplay and music

Robert Hansen, a young police officer from Copenhagen, is transferred against his will to the small town of Skarrild in Southern Jutland as a substitute Marshall. The transfer is Robert’s chance to start over. But Robert has a hard time understanding the locals and their uncivilized approach to law and order. In a town where everyone knows everyone, people like to take care of things themselves. In order to get things done, Robert succumbs to the unwritten rules of this frontier marshland, making use of the uncivilized norms and practices he previously found so difficult to understand. Meanwhile, all hope of returning to Copenhagen seems to sink deeper and deeper into the marshes of Southern Jutland and a state of “terrible happiness” emerges.
Inspired by the novel by Erling Jepsen (who wrote the novel on which the successful film The Art of Crying is based), Genz’s grotesque drama, with its deviations into the crime, western and horror genres, is striking for its original stylisation and spellbinding evocation of the atmosphere pervading this disturbed community. “I wanted the film to be experienced as a nightmare in a surreal, parallel world, where things are fairly realistic, but everything is always shifting ever so slightly”, says the director of his film.

Henrik Ruben Genz
Henrik Ruben Genz was born in Denmark in 1959 and graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 1995. He has received Best Film and Script Award for his graduation film Cross Roads at the Film School Festival in Munich. His short fiction film Teis & Nico, a festival hit worldwide, received the Crystal Bear in Berlin and an Academy Award nomination. He has directed a number of TV series, including the Emmy nominee The Killing. His feature film debut, Someone Like Hodder was awarded in various film festivals, while Chinaman received two awards at the Karlovy Vary IFF 2005.
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