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11.03. - 21:00,
French Cultural Institute

Director:  Juraj Lehotsky
Cinematography:  Juraj Chlpik
Screenplay:  Juraj Lehotsky , Marek Lescak
Producer:  Juraj Lehotsky , Juraj Chlpik , Marko Skop, Frantisek Krahenbiel
Production:  Artileria
International distribution:  Autlook Filmsales
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Slepe lasky
Blind Loves
Slovakia , 2008, 77 min, color
Awards:  Cannes 2008 - "Directors Fortnight"

This delicate mosaic of four stories about heroes blind from birth opens up the rich world that these people have created for themselves. The main protagonist of the first tale is music teacher Peter who, apart from perfect pitch, is also endowed with a remarkable imagination eloquently illustrated in the film via playful special effects. The love story between the blind Roma Miro and the weak-sighted white Monika, whose parents arent keen on the match, almost assumes the dimensions of a Classical drama. In the next story, we see Elena and Laco, whose love for one another gradually evolves into a parental bond as the pair wait anxiously for the birth of their child. The heroine of the last story is 14-year-old Zuzka, who hopes that the boy she has found on the Internet is The One.

Juraj Lehotsky
Juraj Lehotsky
Slovakian director, born in 1975 in Bratislava. He attended applied-art college in Bratislava during the years 19901994, with special focus on photography. From 1995 to 2000 he studied documentary film direction at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. He works as a director of documentary films, and also makes video clips, commercials and advertising spots for charities.
2008  Blind Loves
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