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12.03. - 21:00,
French Cultural Institute

Director:  Donatas Ulvydas , Linas Augutis , Rasa Miskinyte , Marek Skrobecki
Cinematography:  Ramunas Greicius
Producer:  Rasa Miskinyte
Animation:  Adam Wyrwas
Music:  Linas Rimsa
With:  Gediminas Girdvainis
Screenplay:  Linas Augutis, Donatas Ulvydas and Jonas Banys
Production:  Era Film
International distribution:  Ventes-CBA/WIP-Sales
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Sounds Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary
The Bug Trainer
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The Bug Trainer
Vabzdziu Dresuotojas
The Bug Trainer
Lithuania -Poland- Japan - The Netherlands - Finland , 2008, 53 min, color

Wladyslaw Starewicz (1882–1965) only gets two small mentions in Georges Sadoul’s Histoire generale du cinema. Yet this artist, who has been adapted by the Russians, as well as the Poles and the Lithuanians, nicknamed the “European Disney”, is today considered one of the most ingenious figures in world cinema. Back in 1910 he shocked audiences with a film in which he managed to set various insects in motion and is thus regarded as the founder of puppet animation. He used all kinds of real insects and bugs; he first killed them, then threaded wires through them and brought them to life for the film screen. He was also one of the first to make a parody on the film industry itself, using the motif “film within a film”. For celebrated American animators the Quay brothers, Starewitch is a film alchemist; for other specialists who appear in this playful and deftly edited profile, he is a film pioneer who, at the dawn of animation, invented all his special effects himself. And for loved-up Bug, one of his most famous characters, wittily guiding viewers through the film, he is God.

Donatas Ulvydas
Screenwriter and director Donatas Ulvydas was born in 1975 in Lithuania. He graduated in film direction and television and film production from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre in 1999. He has been the creative force behind more than 150 commercials and 40 music videos for which he has garnered a number of national awards.
2008  Vabzdziu dresuotojas
Linas Augutis
Режисьорът и сценарист Линас Аугутис е роден през 1962 г. в Литва. Учи сценография и видеоизкуства във Вилнюската академия за изкуство. През
90-те години показва късометражните си филми на различни фестивали с голям успех.
2008  Vabzdziu dresuotojas
Rasa Miskinyte
Producer and Director Rasa Miskinyte was born in 1962 in Lithuania. She graduated Audiovisual Arts from Theater and Cinema Department at Lithuanian Music Academy in 2001. Later on she graduated from The European Film College in Ebeltoft, Denmark. She has produced several documentaries. The Bug Trainer is her first film as director
2008  Vabzdziu dresuotojas
Marek Skrobecki
Director Marek Skrobecki was 1951 in Poland. He graduated from the Academy of Art and the National Film School of Poland in Łódź. He is the creator of several award-winning animated films. He is a specialist in puppet animation.
2008  Vabzdziu dresuotojas
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