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10.03. - 21:00,
French Cultural Institute

Director:  Valentin Valchev
Cinematography:  Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov
Producer:  Martichka Bozhilova
Music:  Ivo Paunov
Screenplay:  Valentin Valchev
Production:  AGITPROP with the support of EA “Bulgarian National Film Center” and MEDIA Programme of the European Commission
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See You at the Eiffel Tower
See You at the Eiffel Tower
See You at the Eiffel Tower
Bulgaria-Poland , 2008, 96 min, color

Post-World War II Europe. Filmmakers Joris Ivens and Marion Michelle travel trough Eastern Europe making a film about people, new life and hope.
The present. Bulgarian filmmaker Valentin Valchev and his crew set out on a journey through post-Communist Eastern Europe.
Valentin promised 93-year-old Marion Michelle that he would revisit the places she had filmed 60 years earlier and make a film about it. She promised to live to see his film. He brings what he has found to her. Through the camera she reconnects with people from all those places.
The modern filmmaker’s search for what it means to make films in Europe now and what it meant then turns Marion and Valentin’s quest into an exploration of the general purpose of filmmaking. They both agree that a film is a way to engage with people rather than ideas.

Valentin Valchev
Valentin Valchev was born in 1962 in Belogradchik, Bulgaria. Actively working in the field of documentary cinema. His more than 30 works range between educational documentaries on various social issues, documentary portraits, historical documentaries, and creative documentaries. His short fiction debut Reel Mix was presented at over 20 international film festivals. See you at the Eiffel Tower is his most ambitious documentary film.
2008  See You at the Eiffel Tower - docu
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