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09.03. - 19:00,
French Cultural Institute

16.03. - 18:00,
Czech Center

Director:  Helena Trestikova
Cinematography:  Martin Kubala, Petr Pesek, Stano Slusny, Vaclav Smolik, Marek Dvorak, Ondrej Belica, Miroslav Soucek
Screenplay:  Helena Trestikova
Music:  Tadeas Vercak
With:  Rene Plasil
Producers:  Katerina Cerna, Pavel Strnad and Anna Beckova
Production:  Negativ s.r.o.
International distribution:  Taskovski Films
Blind Loves
Eisenwurzen - a Mountain Musical
Flyers over Amazonia
See You at the Eiffel Tower
Seeds of Summer
Sounds Like Teen Spirit: A Popumentary
The Bug Trainer
The English Surgeon
The Flower Bridge
Czech Republic , 2008, 83 min, color
Awards:  2008 - "EFA" for best documentary

“Why has my shitty life turned out like this? No-one knows. Not even God. God’s on holiday and he’s reading porn” – an excerpt from Diary of the Forgotten, the journal kept by die-hard criminal and imaginative writer Rene Plasil, the main protagonist in another of Helena Trestikova’s long-term documentaries. With raw authenticity, the director records the luckless fate of Rene over a period of twenty years as he yo-yos between prison and freedom. The life of Rene, who successfully stylises himself in the role of a desperado, unfolds against a backdrop of important political events occurring in the CR and beyond its borders. The Velvet Revolution, the presidential election, 9/11 and the Czech Republic’s accession to the EU. All this is “digested” by Rene mostly from the confines of various prisons. The film also traces the director’s intriguing relationship with her “subject of study”, who sometimes feels like a prostitute selling his life story for filthy lucre, but for whom the visits from the film crew or his countless letters to Helena Trestikova are often his only solace.

Helena Trestikova
Czech director, born in 1949 in Prague. She studied direction at FAMU (1974) and established the Film and Sociology Foundation at the end of 1990, and the Man and Time Foundation in 1994. She started making documentaries in 1972, while she is still in the college. She has over 40 documentaries in her filmography, mostly treating human relationships, social problems and women’s issues.
1975  Zazrak – docu
1995  Sladke horkosti Lide Baarove – short
2001  Zeny na prelomu tisiceliti – docu
2007  Marcela – docu
2008  Rene – docu
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