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10.03. - 18:00,

Director:  Jeremy Gilley
Cinematography:  Mike Garrod
Screenplay:  Jeremy Gilley
Producer:  Jeremy Gilley
Music:  Craig Armstrong
Cast:  Kofi Annan , The Dalai Lama , Angelina Jolie , Jude Law , Annie Lennox , Jonny Lee Miller
Production:  BBC/Passion Picture/Peace One Day
International distribution:  3DD Entertainment Limited
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The Day After Peace
The Day After Peace
The Day After Peace
United Kingdom , 2008, 80 min, color

A documentary charting the remarkable worlds journey taken by filmmaker Jeremy Gilley, to create a Day of Peace on September 21. he galvanizes the countries of the world to recognize this as an official day of ceasefire and non-violence. Jeremys true quest, though, is to use the day to save lives. Jeremys persistence is rewarded when UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and local affected communities decide to try to use the Day to carry out a mass vaccination against polio in one of the toughest conflict areas in the world, Afghanistan. Gilley asks Jude Law to accompany him to Afghanistan, to help persuade the government and insurgents to ratify Peace Day. The task seems impossible...

Jeremy Gilley
Jeremy Gilley
Jeremy Gilley was born in 1969. He spends his early years in Southampton, England. Jeremy Gilley joined the Royal Shakespeare Company at 17. Following a decade of professional acting, Gilley started P.U.R.E. Productions in to make his own films. He shot his first documentary - Where the Red Wind Blows in 1999. In 2004 his second documentary Peace One Day premiered at the Edinburgh Film Festival. In 2008 Gilley made in association with BBC The Day After Peace, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 08.
1999  Where the Red Wind Blows - docu
2004  Peace One Day - docu
2008  The Day After Peace - docu
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