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15.03. - 19:00,
French Cultural Institute

Director:  Sebastian Heinzel
Cinematography:  Stefan Kochert
Producer:  Igor Dovgal
Music:  Christian Heck
Screenplay:  Sebastian Heinzel
Production:  Essence Film
International distribution:  Essence Film
45 Azaryan
Apocalypse on wheels
Bridge over the Wall
Closed by Prescription
Cuba is Music
Ivan Kirkov or To Survive in a Memory
Jazzta - Prasta or Which Are the Bulgarian Notes
Lost Paradise
Noble Commitments
Sevt The Immortal
The Beaches of Agnes
The Day After Peace
The Wind of Shuvgey
Lost Paradise
Lost Paradise
Lost Paradise
Germany , 2008, 61 min, color

Olga, a young journalist from Kiev, remembers her childhood
as a wonderful time: she used to live in Pripyat, a young town, full of children, mushrooms and flowers. The only problem: Pripyat is located next to the reactor of Chernobyl. At the age of eight years Olga was evacuated with her family. 22 years later she returns with her Brazilian
husband to the place of her childhood, which is now a ghost town.

Sebastian Heinzel
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