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11.03. - 18:00,

Director:  Andrey Slabakov
Cinematography:  Dimitar Gotchev , Alexander Stanishev and Anton Ognyanov
Producer:  Dimitar Gotchev
Music:  Martin Lubenov
Screenplay:  Andrey Slabakov , Alexander Donev
Cast:  Martin Lubenov , Milcho Leviev , Sabina Sherbak , Neno Iliev , Zhivko Stoyanov , Maria Gradechlieva , Mladen Malakov , Dimitre Dinev , Imre Bozoki , Ivo Papazov , Ateshchan Yusseinov , Sascho Pamukov , Krasimir Malakov , Saadan Peerzada
Production:  Camera Ltd.
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Jazzta - Prasta or Which Are the Bulgarian Notes
Jazzta - Prasta or Which Are the Bulgarian Notes
Bulgaria , 2009, 54 min, color

The gypsy music is difficult to describe, but wherever there are gypsies, there is music too. Our life is quite hard, and if we didnt have our music, we would all have to commit suicide. Music is our medicine, our opium.
Chico Iliev

A 30-year-old Roma accordion player creates a band in Vienna and names it Jazzta-Prasta. This band wins the most prestigious Austrian award for world music. The film follows the young virtuoso on his way back to Bulgaria for a first time after 10 years of emigration. Here in the town of Kotel, one of the poorest Roma community in the country he is tutoring a workshop for gifted local teenagers.
Martin Lubenov does not conform to the myth of the talented but suffering gypsy. Yet he is not an idealistic hero who discards the anty-gypsy clichés either. His story is important for the gypsy community as for the contemporary Bulgarian culture as a whole. His music reflects all the artistic ideas and traditions, which have been unifying our national culture through the years. Their diversity, free coexistence and original transformation can become the formula for success in the contemporary Bulgarian art as a whole.
This film is about the road that the musician takes regardless of the borders, ethical prejudices and the inertia of conservative thinking. This is a film about the talent of Martin Lubenov, who has a chance to become a worldwide popular star like Gypsy Kings or Django Reinhardt.

Andrey Slabakov
Bulgarian director and actor Andrey Slabakov was born in Sofia in 1960. He graduated from the High Institute of Theater Arts in 1984, with a degree in film directing. From 1991 to 1995 he worked for the Italian television network RAI.
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