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10.03. - 21:00,

Director:  Konstantin Zankov
Cinematography:  Ivan Tonev
Screenplay:  Konstantin Zankov
Producer:  Ivan Tonev
Music:  Nickolay Ivanov
Production:  Ars Ltd.
45 Azaryan
Apocalypse on wheels
Bridge over the Wall
Closed by Prescription
Cuba is Music
Ivan Kirkov or To Survive in a Memory
Jazzta - Prasta or Which Are the Bulgarian Notes
Lost Paradise
Noble Commitments
Sevt The Immortal
The Beaches of Agnes
The Day After Peace
The Wind of Shuvgey
Bridge over the Wall
Bridge over the Wall
Bridge over the Wall
Bulgaria , 2008, 54 min, color

An artist is searching for dialogue in the confused system of values and the lack of spirituality in the environment we live in. He finds his bridge over the wall in distant parts of the world by communicating with people of different religions. He paints pictures and murals and creates music with equal passion believing that the language of art reaches people better than that of politicians.

Konstantin Zankov
Bulgarian cinematographer, born in 1945 in Sofia. Initially, he works as an assistant cameraman at Boyana Film Studios. In 1978, he graduates cinematography at Krastyo Sarafov Film and Theatre Academy. That same year he makes his debut, Name Day, together with director Nickolay Volev. He has won prestigious cinematography awards from national and international festivals. The films he has shot, Dream Hunters, Letters to the Lower Land, and The Patience of the Stone have been bought by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Bridge over the Wall is his debut as a director.
2008  Bridge over the Wall docu
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