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18.03. - 19:00,
Cinema House

Director:  Malina Petrova
Cinematography:  Georgi Nikolov
Producer:  Malina Petrova , Georgi Nikolov
Music:  Bojidar Petkov
Screenplay:  Malina Petrova
Production:  UTRE Foundation/Action Studio with the support of Bulgarian National Film Center
45 Azaryan
Apocalypse on wheels
Bridge over the Wall
Closed by Prescription
Cuba is Music
Ivan Kirkov or To Survive in a Memory
Jazzta - Prasta or Which Are the Bulgarian Notes
Lost Paradise
Noble Commitments
Sevt The Immortal
The Beaches of Agnes
The Day After Peace
The Wind of Shuvgey
Closed by Prescription
Closed by Prescription
Closed by Prescription
Bulgaria , 2008, 167 min, color

On 26th August, 1990, the Party House of the Bulgarian Communist Party was set on fire. For fifteen years the arson case did not make it to the court room until, finally, to all known and unknown participants’ relief it got closed by prescription. In the 18th year after the events a film crew decides to throw some light on this Bulgarian nebulosity by making a documentary.

Malina Petrova
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