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French Cultural Institute

Director:  Zlatina Rousseva
Cinematography:  Plamen Gerasimov
Music:  Maria Kaufmann, Tzenko Minkin
Producers:  Delphin Morel, Serge Guess, Lyubomir Georgiev, Maria Pavlova
Screenplay:  Zlatina Rousseva , Delphin Morel
Production:  Crescendo films/Good and Bad News/ Palimpsest
45 Azaryan
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Ivan Kirkov or To Survive in a Memory
Jazzta - Prasta or Which Are the Bulgarian Notes
Lost Paradise
Noble Commitments
Sevt The Immortal
The Beaches of Agnes
The Day After Peace
The Wind of Shuvgey
Sevt The Immortal

Sevt The Immortal
France-Belgium-Bulgaria , 2009, 52 min, color

In 2004, archaeologist Georgi Kitov working on excavations in the Valley of Kings opens up a tomb that has not been robbed. The richness of the artefacts speaks of a royal burial and, step by step, scientists identify it as the burial of Seuthes .
The team comes across another unexpected discovery a bronze head, a masterpiece of antiquity, buried in front of the tombs entrance. With those finds and the series of questions and guesswork they provoke as a starting point, the film gradually reveals the psychological portrait of a Thracian king and his role in a complicated age.

Zlatina Rousseva
Zlatina Russeva is an experienced documentary film maker. She is a graduate of the National Institute of Theatrical Studies, Krastui Sarafov, specialising in cinema and television directing. The films which she made in Bulgaria caused huge reactions from the authorities and were seen as an attempt to undermine the beautiful socialist reality. Her film Century or a Day by chance managed to cross Bulgarias borders and won a number of international prizes at festivals in Spain, Germany and Poland. Since 1986 she has lived and worked in Brussels. She established a film production company, Good and Bad News which works with the Belgian and French television channels, humanitarian organisations such as Medicins sans frontieres and Solidar. Her films, Death in Bali, At Night the Fish are Red, Portrait of a man in power, Forgotten by the War, Green Oranges of Liberia, Street Theatre have been presented at many international festivals and have been shown on Belgian, French, Swiss, German, British, Brazilian and other national television companies.

Unfortunately Bulgarian viewers have been able to see only two of Zlatina Russevas films, Wolf Hunt, dedicated to Visotski and the Black Book of Zinaida Gilius which portrays the Russian Revolution of 1917 through the eyes of the famous poetess.

Zlatina Rusevas many years of work with Medicins san Frontiers for whom she made a series of documentary films has left a clear mark on her work. She has travelled widely around the world, from Africa to Ykutia, Chukotka and Kalima, which has helped her to develop her many-layered view of reality. Her meetings with people in extreme situations have helped her touch the real essence of mankind. The theme of memory, preservation of real values in situations of crisis lies at the basis of her work.
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