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11.03. - 19:30,

15.03. - 20:30,
French Cultural Institute

Director:  Ilian Djevelekov
Cinematography:  Orlin Rouevski and Krum Rodriges
Screenplay:  Matey Konstantinov
Producer:  Ilian Djevelekov , Matey Konstantinov , Georgi Dimitrov
With:  Yordanka Hristova, Toni Tano, Enrique Bonne, Omara Portuondo, Chucho Valdes, El Nene, Foberto Fonsec
Production:  Miramar film
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Cuba is Music

Cuba is Music
Bulgaria , 2008, 45 min, color

verything in Cuba finds its expression in music the declaration of love and the rich harvest, the birth of a child and the loss of a donkey, longing and melancholy
Cuban music is well-known all over the world but few know what son or bolero means, when these styles were created or where they came from. With the help of great Bulgarian singer Yordanka Hristova, we take a look into the secret room of Cuban music, in those forgotten files where the history of son and bolero is kept.

Ilian Djevelekov
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